Take always a consultation prior each treatment

My own practice is located in Aalst, at 1 km from the highway. So very easy to reach. Private Parking, or parking on the street.

During the initial consultation you

  • get to know me,expert
  • can ask your questions
  • if no contra-indications, you can fix an appointment for your treatment

If no contra-indications are perceived, the treatment goes as follows

    • after cleaning, disinfecting the part to be treated, I draw in detail with a make-up pencil
    • this is necessary to give you an idea of the outcome result
    • colorpigment selection treatment will be done
    • The actual pigmentationwork will start with respect of the safety and hygiene rules

The afer-care instructions are carefully explained and handed to you. A touch-up, included in the price, will be done after 4 weeks.

You can reach me on my portable +32 (0) 477 20 64 45

or send me an email info@joellesenden.com

or fill in this contact form

Clients coming from abroad can stay overnight in a hotel nearby. Please feel free to contact me for your hotel accommodation.